Made from buttery soft 95%merino wool and 5%lycra, these wraps constitute the best cloth diapering has to offer! All the benefits of natural, breatheable, and sustainable wool.
  • One-size design! This cover will fit a newborn to toddler- perfect every time!
  • Tie-on design means no more applix (velcro) or snaps to contend with- soft snuggly wool surrounds your baby completely.
  • Can be wrapped around ANY diapering option! Fitteds, prefolds, flats- the coverage is complete.
  • Triple layer in wet zone means a strong moisture barrier and the wrap unfolds to one layer for ease of drying, washing, and lanolizing.
  • All-new wrap-around tie-on design does not require pulling down legs. Easy on & off.
  • And these are super-trim! Fit great under pants or jumpers.
With the one-size design you will be saving money not needing to purchase additional sizes as your baby grows larger AND you can cloth diaper an infant and toddler at the same time with the same covers! You don't have to keep track of two stocks of covers when you go anywhere.

Cloth diapering to me means simplicity, ease, and versatility. In my quest to find cloth diapering options that really were all this, I spent years trying everything available out there and even brainstorming innovative, new ideas. When I first thought of the WoolWraps concept, I assumed someone else must have already thought of it (because of it's simplicity) and went searching for where I could purchase some. I was surprised to find it really was a new idea! Disana had some tie-on cotton nappies, but were not interested in making similiar wool covers (I asked!) After some research I put together my first WoolWraps and was so excited with the results I showed all my CD friends, who encouraged me to make them available to everyone and so here we are!

I have finally found the simplicity, ease, and versatility of cloth diapering with WoolWraps and packaged in the most simple, easy, and versatile fabric: wool.

Saving money, saving the environment, and wrapping your baby in healthy living. What cloth diapering is all about! I hope you will love WoolWraps as much as I do.

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