HOW has this idea not been conceptualized before now?? These are absolutely AMAZING. I never thought I would find a one-size wool cover that was both trim and worked so well. THANK you Jenny!
Kelli- Tacoma, WA

I LOOOOOOVE this cover. It is soft and stretchy, really easy to get the perfect fit. I have a 16lb 9mos old and it adds no bulk even though it is onesize. The material is absolutely amazing, it is lightweight yet it really does contain the wetness. It's neat how it folds in half to form the cover because when its damp I can unfold it and it dries super fast, a big plus when it needs to be washed. I like to position the tie at my LOs hip since she spends so much time on her tummy right now. The price rocks, not only is it wool but will be with your little one through PLing. I can't wait to get a few more!
Cheri- FL