Wrapping On

Your WoolWraps is very simple to put on and take off your baby!

WoolWraps cover goes on OVER your diaper- be it a fitted, flat, prefold
Fold your wrap in half and lay out with the straps extended out at the front (closest to you) and the wider end farthest from you.  Make sure the wide layer is underneath.
Fold down the edge of the top layer so you have three layers of wool in the wet zone.  (sorry, dont have a picture of this step)
First place baby on wrap with the back of the wrap at about waistline.
Fold the back sides one at a time up and across baby's waist- stretching the fabric gently for a snug overlapping fit across belly.

Holding these in place with one hand, use your other hand to bring up the front of the wrap over these wings and stretching gently outward, wrap the straps around baby's back and tie in a bow at the front.

The top of the back and the front should be about the same around the baby's waist.  For tummy crawlers or toddlers who can untie the straps, you can tie to the side or at the back

One Mama had a bit of trouble at first but then realized she was not getting the side wings that are first brought around to the front UNDER the straps- she was tying it too high and so those wings were sagging down without the straps to keep them in place.

If you experience any gaping around the legs try folding down the back prior to putting on which will shorten the rise and create a much snugger fit around the legs.