Make Your Own!

You can purchase a cut-out from me to serge yourself (literally takes only minutes to serge)  Or you can make one yourself!

 ***I am an advocate of information sharing and am happy to help you make one on your own, but you may not duplicate these for profit***

Where to get your wool: 
I purchased mine from  It is the 95% merino wool/ 5% lycra blend interlock- WASHABLE.  You can look to see if they have some available again (they have recently been out of it). As an FYI- make sure you get the really good stuff- there is a lot of inferior wool interlock out there for less, but you get what you pay for in the world of fabric and this wonderful wool blend is seriously like butter- just lovely!

How to prep your wool:
Wash and dry your wool twice to prep.  You can expect to lose about 4-5" per yard when prepping- so order your material with that in mind!

How much material you will need:
You will need 32" of fabric to get two woolwraps- and taking into account shrinkage, a yard would be about perfect for two woolwraps.  Since the material comes in a tube, cut open it is wide enough to lay out a woolwraps.  This image shows  what I mean- but it is just a rough drawing- it does not portray the dimensions accurately:

Here is another rough drawing to show you the dimensions (a picture is worth a thousand words)- again, it is not to scale but shows the shape: